During this Halloween season, we look for the perfect costume. Here are some ideas.
Kristoff and Anna
You can dress up like the children in Frozen. Anna wore a green dress, pink underwear, and two red braids. Kristoff wore gray fur lined clothing with a red belt, a little cap, and don’t forget the Uggs.
Edward and Bella
You can find the items inexpensively for becoming Twilights’ Edward and Bella. For Bella, find red contacts, add fangs, and use whitewashed makeup. As Edward, tousle your hair and wear fangs with your normal t-shirt and jeans.
Damon and Elena
Speaking of vampires, remember the characters in The Vampire Diaries. Recreate Elena’s long straight brown hair. You can choose dark clothing and natural makeup. To have a more dramatic look, add the fangs and some fake blood.  To be Damon, wear gel in your hair to achieve the perfect coif, a sleek leather jacket and a black t-shirt.
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
If you are an Avenger fan, this is for you. To be Scarlet Witch, wear a black miniskirt with a red leather jacket. Wear black knee socks, leather arm warmers, and boots to complete your look. As Quicksilver, wear a blue long-sleeved shirt with pants. Then, add a blond wig and mustache.
Missandei and Greyworm
If you enjoyed Game of Thrones, then try these costumes. The lady can wear a dark blue gown coupled with a thin headband on a curly wig. The male can wear silver armor.

Parker & Schmidt Clothiers

Wish you a very Happy Halloween.

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