Tuxedos Dos and Donts

Tuxedos Dos and Donts

Tuxedo is a semi-formal wear for men. It was referred as Dinner clothes back on the day thus this is worn only by evening and “black-tie events”. It was introduced in England around 1885 and to New York around 1889. It was usually worn by social elite of New York back in the days. In some places like Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and other European places, the jacket is known as Smoking. While in Spain it is called esmoquin.

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There are guidelines on how to wear Tuxedo right.


  • For Tuxedo Jacket wear a Single Breast Jacket with one button as this is more common style of tuxedo. Double Brest Jacket is also acceptable.
  • Keep your jacket black or midnight blue
  • Opt for jetted pockets
  • For trouser, it must be a high waist style and the base material must be the same with the material used in the jacket.
  • In your waist cover you could use either waistcoat or cummerbund. Waistcoat is a classic option. Materials used must also be the same with the materials used for jacket. For modern fashion, cummerbund nowadays have small hidden pocket.
  • For the evening shirt, you could use either Wing-Collar or Turndown-Collar. It functions just the same with a regular dress shirt but have special features in it like studs, cuffs and bosom.
  • For the tie you could either choose with butterfly, semi-butterfly, pointed or straight end. Tie should match the jacket hence if it’s black, use black tie.
  • Wear a black knee high socks
  • There are two types of shoes to pair with black tie, formal pumps or formal lace-up.
  • Wearing watches back in the days are not appropriate with tuxedo as you are not supposed to check the time as it will seem rude for the host. But in recent fashion it is already tolerated so long as it is slim.


  • Do not use a pre-tied model for necktie.lgbt in suit
  • Flap type pockets are not appropriate for tuxedo as it will.
  • Wearing necktie on Tuxedo.
  • Wearing a belt.
  • Placing cummerbund around your waist facing down.
  • Wear two or more button if you are using Single breasted Tuxedo.
  • Wearing thick wristwatch.

Going through the guidelines for the black tie attire will sound pretty strict, but if would like to follow the classic standard with everything right in places, it really is.

But in many occasion in recent years as the fashion trend has been evolving through time, there are experiment done by some celebrities leading on a new way of wearing black tie thus wearing them on weddings. But as a classical fashion Tuxedos are worn in the evening thus known for Dinner clothes.

Tips to plan a successful destination wedding

Tips to plan a successful destination wedding

There isn’t a more romantic way to begin your marriage than with a destination wedding in an exotic location away from home. The possibilities are endless; you can be married in a royal palace in Rajasthan, on a beautiful beach in Thailand or even in the snow-kissed Alps!

Nevertheless, planning a destination wedding is often more challenging than one near home. There are more factors to consider, tough decisions to make and likely issues of planning things from afar. However, when you plan it right, your special day will be amazing. The Best for Bride team of wedding experts have the following useful tips for couples planning a destination wedding.

Give advance notice to your guests

6743Your wedding guests have to make advance preparations to attend your wedding. They have to organize their trip, work around personal and official commitments and make other arrangements before they go out of town. So, inform them of your plans as early as possible.  Either send out your Save-the-date cards early, or tell them informally. Unless the venue is within the country or a place that they can travel to easily, it is best to provide notice at least six to nine months in advance.

Do a site visit

You should plan at least one site visit to the destination to make all your wedding plans properly. Use this opportunity to scout for an efficient wedding planner, look at venue options and meet vendors. Although these can be done from far, there are chances of not getting what you want when you don’t see it at least once. If you can visit the site at least two or three times before the wedding, you will be able to personalize your wedding to greater extent and be certain that everything will meet your expectations.

Find a great wedding planner 

Unlike when you will be married near home, you cannot oversee every detail of your wedding when the location is elsewhere. There may also be cultural and communication barriers that cause hiccups in the planning process. Avoid these issues by hiring a reliable and efficient local wedding planner  to understand your ideas and execute them on your behalf. Ideally, you should hire your wedding planner when you do a site visit, so you can personally meet the person and decide if he/she is right for the job. If not, make sure you interview this person through a video chat and see their portfolio. Check for reviews to decide if their previous work is up to your expected standards.

Choose your vendors carefully

When planning a destination wedding, you cannot see your vendors in action and analyze how they do the job. A professional wedding planner will be able to recommend reliable vendors who you can trust, and they will follow up at different stages on your behalf. Make sure you draw up contracts with each vendor with details of the service and payments to avoid mix-ups and confusion later. You can also opt for a package deal at the resort or destination where you will be married. Although you may have to adjust with what is available, there is a minimum guarantee on what you can expect. The final option is to fly vendors from home for critical aspects like the bridal make-up or photographs. However, this can be an expensive option.

Showcase the unique elements of the destination to make your wedding special

Destination weddings are extra-special when you showcase the unique features of the location in your wedding plans. Incorporate the best of local food, culture and décor in your unique wedding plans and it will make your wedding memorable. If you are unsure of what options are available, ask your wedding planner for suggestions or go with recommendations from other couples who have been married in the same place. Also be prepared to respect the religious and cultural differences in the region. Adjust your wedding plans to accommodate such expectations.

Make plans to entertain your guests before and after the wedding 

It is likely that your guests will arrive at the destination early. Do what you can to make them comfortable and keep them entertained during their stay. Collect information about places to visit and things to do, so they enjoy their mini-vacation. Most couples arrange welcome bags for guests as a gesture of appreciation for the trouble they took to travel for the wedding. A welcome brunch or dinner would give them the chance to mingle with the rest of the guests and settle in comfortably.

Be organized and flexible

Long-distance wedding planning is no walk in the park. So, you will need excellent organizing skills to nail the details. Since you can only visit the location so many times, make sure everything is covered during these trips. Also, plan details like the wedding outfits and budget keeping the local conditions in mind to avoid hassles. Rely on inspiration boards and constantly communicate with your vendors and wedding planner to have arrangements done right. Start early so you have enough time to organize everything and execute plans in the best possible way. The long distance affair can throw up new challenges in different ways. You may have to let go of certain ideas that may not be practical given the situation. Be open to options and flexible with choices to avoid stress and enjoy a fantastic wedding.

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