Summer is a favorite time for weddings.  If you are looking to tie the knot, while the heat is on, consider these wedding ideas.
Go Bright
Express your summer wedding through colors. Go for sophistication by using only a couple of hues.  A nice idea would be to use one color for all your linens. Then chose a complimentary color for the centerpieces. You can also go bright with your outfit, here at Parker and Schmidt, we take pride of offering all colors of suits and tuxedos to match your wedding theme. 
Music Matters
Summer is also the time for laid-back music. Think about light music that sways you in harmony.  A pianist will make your wedding more formal.  An acoustic singer would be less formal. Ukuleles may add more excitement and fun.  Invite all of your guests to dance. As the evening progresses, more sultry music can be played to represent the feelings of love.
Say “No” to beach weddings
Although a beach wedding is the top choice for summer, it does not mean there aren’t other ideas for your wedding. Go for what is best for you.  Think of a place or an activity that reminds you of summer and create your own wedding theme.  If your idea of summer is going to Hawaii, then use it as your theme. How about filling your local venue with orchids?
A Different kind of Wine
Wine never goes out of style. For your summer wedding, you might want to avoid the usual margaritas and tequilas.  Wine smoothies would be refreshing.  Wine smoothies would be made from a fruity wine blended with ice and fruit.
Cakey Business
When it comes to wedding cake, avoid the usual chocolate flavored cake.  Think of summer flavors you craved as a child. Did you like orange vanilla butter cream, lemon or lime, or pies?
The most important is you enjoy your wedding. Remember that if you need help in your outfit, Parker and Schmidt is here. 

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