Last Minute Wedding Headaches

Last Minute Wedding Headaches

Even Superman can’t have everything covered on the big day.  The forgotten sock, the lost necktie, the broken zipper, uncooperative buttons, the overlooked hankie, and the list of mishaps can go on and on. And while it’s normal for last minute wedding horrors to happen, you simply don’t want them to befall on your big day.

These small forgotten details are often what drive couple the craziest. No one can get immune from the awfulness of these last-minute disruptions—so an onsite wedding coordinator will make things a bit easier. They have seen it all before, they know what to expect, and they tend to be ready for the worst. But since it’s too conventional for wedding planners to handle the bride’s needs, here at Parker and Schmidt, we realized it is about time we deal with the groom.

We have been into several weddings that all our fingers and toes combined could no longer count them! At one instant, the groom forgot to bring his socks and no way will he be walking down the aisle bearing his unshaved foot! And like a protagonist that we are, we decided to save the day by rushing through a nearby store to get his sock! This was also the time that helped us birthed the idea of onsite wedding coordination to assist with the groom’s necessities. We understand that grooms have their needs too, and these needs are often unheeded because most of the help are dealing with the wife.

Our onsite wedding coordination varied in services, but we guarantee that no table will be left unturned. Everything the groom may ever need during the wedding are carefully planned and dealt with. We bring your preferred socks color, safety pins that can handle suit issues, spare neckties just in case, a good-smelling perfume, your hair gel (even if you don’t use one!), mint or chocolates—whatever it is that will calm you, and so many more. In fact, we’ll even bring a spare wedding speech just in case you forgotten to write down your vow. And yes, you don’t have to worry because we’ll make the vow as sweet as possible to guarantee that she’ll start crying before you could finish the speech!

So if you think you are ready for the big day, think again. Call us at 602-541-0010.

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