We sell hand crafted belts made in the USA. The belts specialized manufacturing make them moderate to high-end men’s and women’s belts, distributed primarily throughout the Western United States.  Brands like Vintage Bison and Vintage American Belts can be found with us.

Parker and Schmidt Clothiers uses only the finest materials available from around the world.

The tenets upon which Parker and Schmidt Clothiers has built its foundation on is quality, value for the customer, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.  Our retailers are our adherence to these principles, and is what makes us the preferred choice in the belt manufacturing industry today.

Parker and Schmidt Clothiers has been in business for over 12 years, starting out with one guy and the sale of a single suit. Since then, the company has expanded its staff and the sale of thousands of suits and tuxedos every year.

3201 N 38th St, Unit 22, Phoenix, Arizona 85018



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