Big occasions in life also need big preparations – like weddings. Usually, the bride is given extra special attention – from her wedding dress, makeup, bouquet and even on what she would wear for the dinner party. However, no one should forget that the groom is also in the picture. So, the best styling tips for the groom should also be given.

So, here are the ultimate styling tips for the grooms out there:

Hairstyle – You should not be experimenting with your hair at this moment. Get a haircut one or two months before your big day and a week before the wedding, just trim it. Do not venture into getting a new hair color or hair design if it would be your first time to try it. Again, experimenting with your hair is a big no. You don’t want your hair to be a big turn off during the event.

Buy or rent – If you’re wearing either a tux or suit, it is very important that you buy them brand new. On the other hand, much better if you get a tailored pants to make sure you get the perfect fit. The latest trend today is wearing pants without a belt. You can have the belt loops removed for an added cleaner look.

Shoes – This is one thing you also need to pay attention, too. A pair of shoes with the best quality and style will give you a smart impression.

13Wedding party clothes – In case you didn’t know, your bride might be having a second outfit after the wedding ceremony. You should have one, too! As early as possible, you should be thinking on what to wear for the reception.

Venue – The place of your wedding should match your attire. If it’s an indoor venue like a church or hotel, you don’t want to go there in a white flowy top and trousers matched with a pair of sandals. Choose your outfit wisely and carefully.

Being a couple – Have you tried wearing couple shirts before? Well, on your big day, you should match your bride’s style. However, do not outshine your bride – just complement the looks she will have.

These styling tips for groom will surely help you on your big day. However, these are only guides on how to look be at your best. What’s important is that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.

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