Parker & Schmidt Clothiers are sharing color ideas to help you plan your fall wedding.

As fall arrives, there are endless color possibilities for your wedding. Cooler temperatures invite shades of cherry, warm vanilla, and earth tones. You may choose non-traditional pigments or conventional metallic hues.

Yellow and Red

Pair yellow and red and you have a wonderful fall palette that is both striking and attractive. These colors are festive and cheerful. You may choose yellow to be dominant and red to be the accent color.

Peach and Green

Peach and green complement each other. Softer shades are popular for spring, summer, and fall weddings. The peach and green combination can provide amazing results!

Orange and Blue

Blue is a constant choice for weddings and orange will definitely indicate that fall is here. If you think these two colors are too unconventional, contact Parker & Schmidt. They will personalize your color choices with you.

Gray and Navy

Gray and navy would make a perfect combination for a low-key, yet definitely elegant wedding. Pair these colors with an all-white background. You are creating a whimsical enchanting wedding.

Neutral Tones

Fall weddings do not necessarily require bold colors. Beige tones can be used any time of year. Beige can also be paired with your other favorite colors.

Parker & Schmidt hope they have inspired you with new fall wedding color ideas.

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