Fact: It’s not only the bride who gets wedding jitters! Grooms have their fair share of cold feet and wedding anxieties. Aside from anticipating “embarrassing” speeches from their family and friends, suit blunders can also add to the groom’s stresses on the day of the wedding. So, here are some helpful tips and rules to remember when choosing what’s the best style that will not only fit you but will also fit to the occasion.

1. Of course, the groom’s attire should coordinate with the bride’s wedding dress 

When is the best time to show of the couple’s style than the wedding day itself? Make sure the suit or tux you will choose will work together with your bride’s style. Ask a style expert what’s the best combos that will work. If your bride is wearing a ball gown, a classic black tuxedo will match hers perfectly.

2. Your suit of tux should fit the style and feel of the wedding

Basically, when picking up a suit, you should consider the theme of your wedding. Is it traditional formal wedding? Vintage themed wedding? Rustic and chic inspired wedding? The bottom-line is, your attire should be appropriate to the venue and must go with the flow of the wedding’s theme. The time of the wedding should also be taken in consideration. Outdoor weddings can pass a bit more casual and light colored suits while an evening affair will call on a more formal and well-tailored suit.

3. It’s your body type that will direct the suit and not the other way around 

There’s only one goal for this rule, it is to look sharp and snappy on your suit. The tuxedo or the suit should look good on your body frame and your body should be the one that will dictate the suit. If you’re tall or even a little short, there is always a perfect fit and style that will look good on you.

4. Accessories can make a big difference 

Picking the right accessory can set you apart and will make you stand out – commanding an “I am the Groom” presence from the crowd. Complete your look by putting the finishing touches of special accessories with different style or color from the rest.

Even if your bride is the one who takes care of your wedding preparations, surely, you’re making your own research, right? Hope these tips/rules have helped you out! Otherwise, you can check out Parker & Schmidt Clothiers and let them take the stress from you of picking the fashionable and perfect suit that will make you stand out as the Groom from the sea of suits on your wedding day.

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