When you are invited to a wedding you always wanted to look cool and stylish in any possible way, but you don’t want to draw more attention than the bride for the wrong reason.

There are certain rules that you need to follow when attending a wedding. The invitation can be used as your guide.

10406656_892302330790467_6509001918234694113_nWhat to wear in a wedding:

In attending a wedding you have to consider the place and the weather to wear a proper attire.

  1. If you get invited in a White Tie wedding there are some clothes you might want to try.
  • A guy may wear a tuxedo, with a long black jacket, white vest and a bow tie. You may even wanted to match it with white gloves.
  • A woman may wear a full-length ball gown match with a dramatic hair updo for more formal look.
  1. If you get invited in a Black Tie wedding
  • A guy may wear a tuxedo with black bow tie and wear a leather shoes. Wear something appropriate since it is an evening event.
  • A woman may wear a cocktail or long evening gown with dark shades
  1. If you get invited with Formal OR Black Tie Optional
  • A guy may wear a dark suit.
  • A woman may try wearing a long dress or a formal cocktail dress, it is suggested to wear a gray or black shade thus the event is still formal.
  1. If you get invited in Beach formal
  • A guy may wear a summer suit with a linen shirt and pants (Khaki is suggested) and sandals.
  • A woman may wear a formal summer sundress (knee-length dresses is suggested) you can wear a light make-up and hair can be natural as well.
  1. If you get invited in Semiformal or Dressy Casual
  • A guy may wear a suit and tie
  • A woman may wear a cocktail dress or skirt and top
  1. If you get invited in a Casual wedding
  • A guy may wear a button down polo and dress pants, wearing jeans and shorts may be inappropriate to use unless it is stated in the invitation. Remember, a wedding is still an event.
  • A summer sundress or skirt with a nice blouse is recommended. Make-up and hair can be natural as you wear every day.

w1Above are the recommended outfits that you can use to think of a cool and stylish outfit in attending a wedding. Remember it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed but wearing proper outfit to look elegant and classy is always a best option.

Bear in mind that white color belongs to the bride on her day, unless it is stated in the invitation it is not proper to wear a solid white dresses, you would not want to attract attention for the wrong reason. Prints and accents are fine though, you could mix them up as well and it’s a big No No for the white lace.

You should also be wary and respectful in religious affiliation. If the wedding is in the Catholic Church it might be more proper if you will cover your bare arm or having higher neckline.

For women, do not wear anything that will expose your bra. Remember, women should not expose their under garments will be best. Same thing with men, some are used to wear lower waist pants on their everyday clothes, but since you are attending a wedding you might want to consider wearing more proper pants on a specific day.

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